Athletics and Activities

Athletics and Activities

Cleared to Participate! That's What We Do

Don't guess about eligibility, know for sure!  Affinety provides real-time eligibility alerts and reduces headaches associated with gathering student emergency card data, collecting payments, league questionnaire and other registration forms.  Use our Data Bridge technology and sync with your Student Information System (SIS) and further reduce parent registration time.

We Have Solutions for Your Challenges
Your ChallengesOur Solutions
We are spending way to much time chasing down parents to complete forms correctly and make paymentsOur system provides custom forms and workflow all integrated into a single system. Parents need to complete all the steps in the registration process defined by your activity department
Our coaches are calling the activity office because they are not sure which students are cleared to practice or playWith Affinety coaches can review and print real-time rosters and have access to eligibility status on a PC/Mac or Smart Mobile device
Coaches have turned in their cut players or quit list and I need an easy way to refund their activity fee Use our batch refund process and pull up a list of students in an activity and only cancel / refund the required students
I am concerned that a player's health records may have changed from last year and we may not have reliable information We maintain a record of each registration and how the parent completed the students health questionnaire in a previous season
We want to avoid being disqualified from tournaments so It would be great if there was a system that gathered student transfer dates from our SISUsing our Data Bridge technology we can easily synchronize all the critical data you need to make decisions anywhere and anytime
Key Features
  • Visibility to student eligibility issues and ability to mark as ineligible to participate
  • Coaches Electronic Health Binder (EHB) mobile enabled
  • Real-time credit card authorization and settlement processing
  • Notification of registration alerts for items such as sports physical, concussion baseline testing and transfer into district date
  • Alerts to any "Yes" responses for the MSHSL Health Questionnaire
  • Accounts receivable - accept payments, issue refunds and make adjustments
  • Student transaction history of all programs they participate in at your district
  • Awards and Violation  tracking
  • Eligibility dashboard that provides alert flags as to the students ability to participate
  • Forms Builder Toolkit to create custom online forms for data collection
  • Activity payment catalog web publishing tool
Benefits for Administrators
  • Connect and receive data from your schools SIS using our Data Bridge technology
  • Quickly determine student eligibility
  • Complete financial management tools (refunds, credits, expense reporting)
  • Sophisticated course catalog setup options
  • Supports Free and Reduced price options
  • Batch refunds by activity to manage player quits or cuts
  • Batch payments
  • Title 9 reports
  • Flexible & definable reporting
  • Email rosters to coaches or utilize the coaches portal
  • Create custom online emergency cards
  • MSHSL form support and other state league requirements
Real-time information your coaches need now! Not tomorrow
  • Coaches portal to access reports and student eligibility status
  • Mobile Electronic Health Binder (EHB) with team rosters and emergency card information
  • Track and batch enter student awards and violations
  • Notification of any student violation that may make them ineligible to practice or play
  • Parent and student feedback surveys
Benefits for Parents
  • Real-time enrollment, confirmation and payment
  • During registration process immediately know if sports physical date or concussion testing dates are valid
  • Upload sports physical if one is not on file with school or it is expired
  • Maintains any previous coaches emergency card data and completed MSHSL forms online for a quick review and update
  • Access at any time to orders placed, documents / forms completed online and registration history
  • Browseable activity catalogs that provides both a search and list view
  • Fewest clicks to checkout from login to checkout
  • Ability to pay charges posted after a registration e.g. lost equipment fee
  • Easy to navigate catalog that offers step by step registration process instructions

"The new activity and athletic registration has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with Affinety Solutions"  

Brian, Athletic Director