Creative & Design
Affinety can provide the creative services you require for your school website. You'll have a Web site that looks fresh, unique and has impact. We can provide you with:

  • Website design
  • Graphics and Photography
  • Page layout
  • Logo and banner design
  • Color selection
Professional Services
Affinety Solutions can extend your managed web service to meet your specific district requirements.  

  • Custom software development and capabilities tailored to your organization
  • Statistical reporting tools e.g. StatCounter, Web Trends
  • Software training specific to your needs
  • Data and content migration
Data Center Hosting
Affinety utilizes a fully managed tier-3 data center provided by TDS. To ensure our software is always running and performing at it's best, we conduct regular technology upgrades, security scans and data backups around the clock.

  • PCI Compliant data center
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data backup
  • Firewall protection
  • Anti-virus intrusion

I am impressed with Affinety's response time to problems. Their customer service is excellent. Their support is always there for questions that you need answered asap. The thing I am most impressed with is Affinety's continual upgrading. Communication of changes is on-going and I always feel like I'm ready for major changes. They provide training, they come out & visit us & they care about what we want.

Lisa, Community Education Program Staff